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The goal of this local HOG chapter shall be to promote responsible motorcycling activities for the Harley Owners  Group members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging participation in other H.O.G. events. We would like to increase the level of enthusiasm for riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles and create a family oriented atmosphere in which all members regardless of gender, race, age or political affiliation can live the Harley-Davidson experience.
About Us

Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson was started in 2004. It had previously been operated as an associate store of Riders Harley-Davidson in Trussville. About a year after Heart of Dixie became a full fledge dealership, construction on a new much bigger building was started and is what you see today at 333 Cahaba Valley Parkway North.

When Heart of Dixie H-D was started so was the Heart of Dixie Harley Owners Group which held its meetings during the first year at the Pelham Civic Center. But in the works was a massive room especially for the HOG members being built along with the new dealership building. And what a room it was! It had a fully equipped kitchen, two restrooms, a drinking fountain and a ton of room for meeting and events. Over the years, needed things were added such as a commercial ice machine, a digital projector, an automated viewing screen for video projection, stage lighting and sound system and many new members.

We have an official photographer plus several unofficial photo contributors to keep your smiling face in front of other members and their smiling faces in front of you. Also, we have a full range of volunteer officers to keep the chapter running smoothly including a Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Activites Director, Head Road Captain, Safety Officer, Newsletter Editor and Publisher, Ladies of Harley Director, Webmaster and Historian.


Personal privacy and security of information are mutual concerns of H.O.G., its members, and visitors to the  Heart of Dixie Chapter web site. This Statement explainsH.O.G.’s Internet policies and security measures relating to personal privacy and information security. The Heart of Dixie Chapter collects and stores the following information about you when you visit the Heart of Dixie Chapter web site: the name of the domain from which you access the Internet (for example, aol.com, if you are connecting from an America Online account); the date and time you access the site; and the Internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to our site. The chapter uses this information to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of its site. This helps H.O.G. to make its site more responsive to its members and prospective members. H.O.G. will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide such information.

If you choose to send email, registration, or other personal information over the Internet, you do so voluntarily. The Heart of Dixie Chapter will not disclose personal information provided to it except as follows: At your request, which may be oral, in writing, by telephone, electronic or other means we recognize; To assist H.O.G. in evaluating its programs and to continue to improve the quality of your on-line and membership experience. When disclosure is required by law, such as pursuant to court order, subpoena, legal process or government agency examination or investigation, or to protect or enforce our rights; To companies that perform services for H.O.G in connection with your membership, such as data processing and financial transaction processing companies and agencies; To Harley-Davidson affiliated companies and carefully selected third parties for their own use to provide products and services, or other opportunities to you, unless you have instructed us in writing not to do so; and In connection with Harley-Davidson corporate due diligence and audits. By your use of and connection to our web site, you understand and consent to this privacy statement.

If for any reason you are concerned that the personal or member information maintained by H.O.G. is not correct or if for some reason you believe H.O.G. has not adhered to these privacy principles, please notify us by calling 1-800-CLUB-HOG.

Alcohol Policy for Rides

*Absolutely NO ALCOHOL can be consumed on an Official Heart of Dixie H.O.G. Ride at ANY time during the ride.*  All Road Captains should present this information at every safety briefing prior to the ride so as not to be caught off guard.

If the chapter does a ride to a restaurant, you can choose to end the ride at that location and publish it in advance. That way anyone who wants to enjoy a beer/cocktail can do so, have fun and then ride home outside of the group. However, IF the chapter chooses to do a full day ride, stopping at a restaurant for lunch and continuing the ride from there, that is OK too–even if the restaurant serves alcohol.

The same rules apply…….during the safety briefing let folks know you’ll be stopping to eat, then continuing the official chapter ride and the alcohol policy applies. IF someone chooses to have a beer, let him or her know that they are welcome to meet everyone at the final destination and have a good ride! That could mean they ride a good distance behind the group but not part of the official chapter group. Most everyone understands this is for the safety of the group.

It is the responsibility of every rider on the ride to make sure to let the Road Captain know if this policy has been violated for the safety of the group!  If there is any questions about this policy please feel free to contact me at mike@heartofdixiehd.com


Mike Desantis

General Manager
Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson

So that we are all clear, here are 3 examples:

Arney, Bob, Chuck, Darwin, Earl and Fred show up for a published H.O.G. ride. As they get ready to go, Arney (who is the Road Captain) holds his pre-ride safety briefing. He tells the group that the ride is going to Clanton and stopping for lunch and then from there they will go up to Cheaha Mt. for some bird watching.

Then they will come back to the dealership for a cup of coffee and some popcorn. He also takes a minute to advise everyone of the alcohol policy. They take off on the ride and get to the first stop. They go inside and sit down to eat some lunch and Earl decides he wants a beer. He orders him a beer without anyone’s knowledge and on its arrival at the table starts drinking the beer. At this time Arney, who is the Road Captain has a choice to make.

He can end the ride immediately and ruin it for the rest of the group, or, he can go to Earl and let him know that his ride with the group has officially ended and that because of his decision to go against the alcohol policy that due to safety reasons he can no longer ride with the group. The road captain should then make a note on his log sheet of the decision made and why.

Arney, Bob, Chuck, Darwin, Earl and Fred show up for a published H.O.G. ride. Arney tells them they are going to a restaurant in Clanton. They have a brief safety meeting, which includes the route they are taking and the alcohol policy. Once they get to the restaurant, he tells everyone the ride officially ends now and you are on your own. No further action needs to be taken.

Arney, Bob, Chuck, Darwin, Earl and Fred show up for a published overnight H.O.G. ride. During the safety, briefing Arney lets everyone know the alcohol policy and that the ride will end on day one at set location. The ride will officially start again the next morning from set location and carry on throughout the day with additional stops along the way. As a cautionary measure, Arney holds a brief safety meeting again the second morning and reminds everyone of the alcohol policy.

Again, if there is any questions about this policy please feel free to contact me at mike@heartofdixiehd.com


Let’s Ride & Have Fun!